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May. 21st, 2005


Repost of an old survey.... Also, a return from LJ death... ^_^!!!

Stolen from sassyinkpen

Bold are true ( THINGS I HAVEN'T DONE )
Unbold are false ( THINGS I HAVE DONE )

I have never been drunk
I have never smoked pot
I have never kissed a member of the opposite sex
I have never kissed a member of the same sex
I have never crashed a friend's car
I have never been to Japan
I have never ridden in a taxi
I have never had anal sex
I have never been in love
I have never had sex
I have never had sex in public
I have never been dumped
I have never shoplifted
I have never been fired
I have never been in a fist fight
I have never had a threesome
I have never snuck out of my parent's house
I have never been sexually tied up
I have never been caught masturbating
I have never pissed on myself (I believe I was very little o.O)
I have never had sex with a member of the same sex
I have never had sex with a member of the opposite sex
I have never been arrested
I have never made out with a stranger
I have never stolen something from my job
I have never celebrated New Year's in Times Square
I have never gone on a blind date
I have never lied to a friend
I have never had a crush on a teacher
I have never celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
I have never been to Europe
I have never skipped school.
I have never slept with a co-worker
I have never been fisted and/or have never fisted anyone
I have never thrown up in a bar
I have never visited a site held holy by a major religion
I have never cheated on a final exam
I have never had a relationship with someone of the same-sex
I have never been/gotten someone pregnant

Apr. 24th, 2005

cthulhu kittie!


I am the Dandy

Most of us feel trapped within the limited roles that the world expects us to play. We are instantly attracted to those who are more fluid that we are - those who create their own persona. Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized, and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves. They play with masculinity and femininity; they fashion their own physical image, which is always startling. Use the power of the Dandy to create an ambiguous, alluring presence that stirs repressed desires.

Symbol: The Orchid. Its shape and colour oddly suggest both sexes, its odour is sweet and decadent - it is a tropical flower of evil. Delicate and highly cultivated, it is prized for its rarity; it is unlike any other flower.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/polite_society"

Mar. 6th, 2005


Calling All Web Junkies!!

If you're a web junkie and are online a LOT, click THIS link and join the website. You make money (monthly) for websurfing. Pretty cool, huh? A couple friends are members of this site and have recieved payment for every month they've been on the site, except for when they earn less than $25.00, so I know it's authentic. Join the website and use your referal link to get your friends to join. You get payed whenever someone signs up using your link, using anyone you signed up's link, or someone THEY signed up links. basically, you get payed for three levels of sign ups. You also get payed for surfing through they're sponsored sites. Read they're "How To" page and stuff for more info. =)

IMPORTANT: Sign up for the website on Internet Explorer, not AOL, or else it won't work!
states - spoiled_beauty

Birthday Grrl

On another note..

My 18th birthday is in 3 months and 6 days (June 12th).. Woot!!! =x

I want to have a hotel party, with a keg and whatever else.. But, I dunno how to go about doing it. I need to find a hotel room, get someone to buy the keg.. And I need money. lol. That's another thing that the previous post's topic will hopefully help fund. I'm probablly going to end up charging people like 5 or 10 bucks to drink, so I can partially pay off the hotel room and liqour.. I know it's still 3 months away, but I need ideas.

Any suggestions?

Oh.. For the record.. Yet again, gifts of cigarrets are quite welcome. =x Hehe..

Now.. Read my previous post!! XD

I'll post some pictures of a couple garter belts, a slip (tons more, of different design and color, where this one came from >_>), a shirt, and maybe a few other things in a little while. The picture quality is going to be kinda crappy, but I'll put detailed as possible descriptions with the pictures.

Cheers! =)

Gutter Glitter!

I'm finally going to get started on the e-shop that I've wanted to make for ages. I'm in serious need of cash to save for an apartment, and I'm not working at this time. So I'm hoping that this will help. My mother's going to help me with it, considering I have no money to back it myself. I just have to give her a cut of any profits I (hopefully) make. >_>;

Right now I'm working on just a few things (garter belts, pillows and pillow/bag sachets, a couple of small wooden trinket boxes, and anything else I can make with the little I've got now.. I also am going to sell clothing and I no longer want, and I've got a huge box of vintage slips and half slips that I want to get rid of.. They're quite a waste of space. >_<;}

I'm also in the process of finishing my homepage (again >_<) so that I can have a page for the e-shop on it. The webpage is titled Gutter Glitter, and the link for the e-shop will be titled "Gutter Thrift". Maybe I'll just make the shop page before anything else.. In any case, I'll be selling things through the site, on various LJ communities, and (of course) right here on my personal Livejournal. I might make a LJ dedicated to the things I sell once I get more up. My main problem right now is the fact that all I've got to take pictures with is my webcam, and the lighting is horrid during the daytime as well as nightime. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for a webcam at this point. If by any chance anyone has gotten a new digital camera or something similar lately, and feels inclined to sell their old/used one, please email me at Apathetyk@hotmail.com, or insant message me on AIM at MorphinexHush. I'm pretty financially screwed right now, but my mother would help me out with it. The same goes if anyone has a printer they could sell. Thanks either way!

Well, that's about it.. I'll keep up with updates.. Savvy? ;)

Whips and Kisses,


-- What am I going to sell? :

1) Stuff I don't want anymore. Wee! Clean out time..
2) Stuff I make.. DIY, biatches! ;)
3) Stuff my mother makes? o_0

-- What am I going to make? :

1) Decopauged boxes (JTHM, American McGee's Alice, s/m, collage, victorian Alice, playing cards, and many other themes.)
2) Pillows (Corset pillows, etc)
3) T-shirt pillows.
4) Woodburned boxes?
5) Garter belts.
6) Book purses?
7) Err.. There is no 7? o_O; Oh.. Wait.. Yes there is! Hairfalls and extensions!! =D
8) Duct tape diy! (Wallets, ID cases, wristbands, hair clips, etc.)
9) Decopauged serving trays.
10) "Gift baskets". (Baskets w/1 7oz. bottle of lotion, two candles w/holders, 1 picture frame, 1 potpourri pillow/sachet. Baskets w/either mango-mandarin lotion [white and orange candle holders/white candles] or coconut-lime lotion [white and green candle holders/white candles].)
11) "Do Not Disturb" signs.
12) Beaded jewelry.
13) Decorated "potion" bottles - empty (I'll eventually also make potion bottles with oils in them.)
14) Decorated bud vases.
15) Bobby bows.
16) Guitar pick earrings / necklaces.
17) Decopauged light switch plates.
18) Collage / packing tape wallets.
19) Sachet / potpourri bags.
20) Sachet / potpourri pillows.
21) Denim pants purses.
22) JTHM / Courtney Crumrin / Xmen New Mutants / Justice league clutches and-or wallets.

Jan. 11th, 2005

cthulhu kittie!

Cool hXc / animal rights links

Do you like hardcore? How about animals..? Yeah? Well, check out these cool links.

Kickass contest:

Cool band interview:

Jan. 5th, 2005

states - spoiled_beauty

(no subject)

Well, I got released from a two month stay at Bergen Regional Medical Center aka Bergen Pines (the adolescent psych ward) on the second. Crazy shit. I don't feel like going into the situation again, so I'll leave it at me just being there and now being back.

I think that I'm going to make a new livejournal. This one is full of memories of shit that I'd prefer to put behind me. I've got to get my priorities straight, and and part of doing that is going to be letting go of shit that's already happened. I'm not going to delete this account at this time, I might never get around to doing that, actually. But, I'm still going to start over with a new one. I'll post with the name when I make it. It'll more likely than not be friends only too. Not sure yet. Maybe not. x.x;

o0o, guess what! I've got the shingles!! It hurts!! Heh. Ow. =) I'm on painkillers. Hehehe. Wee..

I turn eighteen in 5 months... June 12th, to be exact.. Buy me things!!!! lol. Packs of ciggarettes are greatly appreciated gifts. o.0; Hah.

..My doctor stabbed my shingles with a qtip yesterday. It hurt. A lot. But, come on.. How many people can honestly say they've been stabbed with a q-tip!?!?!??! ^_^;

(Putting an edited version of this in my MySpace. Lalala..)



Oct. 4th, 2004

cthulhu kittie!

More Randomosity.. And Links!! =D

<3 Apathetyk : OneModelPlace

<3 Spoiled_Beauty : LiveJournal

<3 Nightmare Whore : PostPoems

<3 Sinthetik_Nightmare : Neopets

<3 Plexiglass_Slut : VampireFreaks

<3 Nightmare Wench : Photobucket

<3 -=:: Coming Soon ::=-

<3 Reckless13 Entertainment

<3 My Only Hope

<3 Late October

Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by
kindness. Polite and
soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive.
Active mind. Hesitating, tends
to delay. Choosy and always wants the best.
Temperamental. Funny and
humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills.
Talkative. Daydreamer.
Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able
to show character. Easily
hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up.
Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom
shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt.

What does your birth month say about you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sep. 6th, 2004

cthulhu kittie!


It is 3am and I'm signing offline, to more thoroughly engage in the exciting activity of celing staring.. Woot woot.. Because I am the s3x0rZ.. Yeah.. O_o;?

Sep. 5th, 2004

states - spoiled_beauty

Look what the hurricane dragged in..

I got a random call from Scott (idburn) at like ten minutes to 11am, this morning. Pleasant suprise.. He's odd when he calls randomly..

I kept spilling milk.. =(

I spent hours manipulating pictures on Photoshop last night... They are at this site.. MorphinexHush

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