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cthulhu kittie!

September 2008

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cthulhu kittie!

Wow. It's been a really freaking long time.

Tons of things have happened since I last updated, so I figure I'll just give a basic rundown.

1.// Chris and I moved to his Mother's place. Talk about a strange mix of good idea and disaster.

2.// SCA stuff. Fantastic. Got an award.. Hidden Treasure of the Barony. =D Spiffiness. Started getting into gear for heavy weapons fighting, working on armor, etc, but that's on a hiatus.

3.// Things got crazy.. Well, crazier.

4.// Had a chance to work on movies, shows, and TV shows, etc.

5.// Went to Chris Kirkpatrick's (yes, the dude from *NSYNC) Fourth of July party. Awesomeness. And then bullshit. Chance to work in the entertainment business on only a GED and connections? Fail. See: Epic.

6.// More bullshit.

7.// More insanity.

8.// Started hanging out with Mark. Yayness.

9.// Even more bullshit and insanity.

10.// Moved in with Mark!

11.// Started hanging out with completely awesome people.. In other words.. Started hanging out less with the previous people in my life, and almost exclusively with Mark and his buddies.

12.// Ended up completely into Mark. Now dating him. Yay! <3

See the excitement?!?1 Haha.

Upcoming stuff?

Still trying to job hunt. Damn the economy. I've never known it to be next to impossible to find a job when everyone's getting ready to go back to college. Bastards. Need to get to work on studying for my GED so I can get the ball rolling, and get into Valencia. Looks like I'm going for a Digital Media major. General course for my Associates, no specialization. Definitely want to take some additional psychology, history, and journalism classes if possible. Going to take kickboxing as an elective. Haha.

Next weekend is the exclusive Clan of Xymox show at I-Bar. I'm psyched! =D Yay to John and George. Yay for Xymox. The same weekend is Freaky B's birthday, but we're celecbrating it the weekend after that. Should be fun times. Alcohol, hot tubs, awesome people, and possible nudity. How can you not love it?

Note to self: Find good recipe for Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookies, to feed Freaky B's sweet tooth.

Oh.. Akuma, my insane Siamese, ran away. Before moving in with mark, I got 'Ed'. =D She's the tiny runt of Little Joe's litter.. Black, with lighter hued stripes in the right light, and random white strands of fur. Big ears. Big feet. Big eyes. Over two months old, but still itty bitty. She's insane. And a ninja. She likes to kill and attack things... Her name is Echo Delta Charlie Foxtrot, Das Maschine. It's annoying to say the whole name when she's in trouble, so we call her 'Ed'. Or 'The Ed'. Or Ninja, Bastard, etc. I heart her. =D

So, people, if you're still out there in LJ land.. I feel the need to inform you that I think it's time for me to start a new LJ. Two, actually. A new general LJ to replace this one, and one for a daily log for dieting and such. Maybe another for personal shit.

Email me!!


If I know/knew you fairly well, email me and we'll exchange numbers again.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!